The choice of fabrics

We favor organic and European fabrics. We also use a lot of flax, one of the oldest materials in the world, of which France is the world’s leading producer.

The cotton used is necessarily organic and GOTS certified. It comes from Turkey (the largest producer of organic cotton in the world) and is woven in France, Germany or Turkey. The production of GOTS certified cotton excludes the use of genetically modified seeds. No pesticides or toxic fertilizers are used. They do not contain pollutants which helps to avoid skin irritations caused by allergies.

The flax is grown in Normandy to the Netherlands. It is a very ecological fabric by nature: its production requires little water and does not support pesticides. Linen absorbs water particularly well, making it the perfect fabric for wipes and paper towels.

The sponge used for our wipes and paper towels is a GOTS certified organic cotton sponge grown and woven in Turkey.

The vegan leather cork manufactured in Portugal. It is a 100% cruelty free fabric . 
No trees are cut down to produce cork, the bark of the tree is simply harvested every 9 years by hand. A vegan and ecological material! 
Cork is waterproof, hypoallergenic, lightweight and easy to clean with a cloth and a little water.

The labels of the bags are SnapPap, a mixture of cellulose and latex.

The metal closures used for our bags are made in Italy or France.

The Crea-Nepal labels attached to the products are in Kraft Landes. The link is in European hemp.

At Crea-Nepal, we believe strongly in the need to move away from mass consumption and return to healthier and greener values. We have designed sustainable products that allow you to slowly abandon certain habits harmful to the environment.

Fabric tissues, tote bags, washable wipes, reusable paper towels, bulk bags for weighing fruits, vegetables and starchy foods … Crea-Nepal offers ecological and sustainable products to help you make good everyday habits!

The slow made

All our products are imagined and manufactured in our workshop in Brest. Everything is done by hand and no step is delegated. Crea-Nepal is a very small family team working in a good mood at the end of the world!

Restore the link with customers

We regularly receive emails containing special requests. Handkerchiefs smaller, larger, wipes of another color … Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter your question! Raju is happy to answer all your requests. The exchange with customers is always rewarding.

If you do not see the product so you need, do not hesitate to send us an email!